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3D Doors

3D Design Door's outstanding properties make them an excellent substitute for timber doors. Its capacity of giving almost all the benefits of wooden doors makes such main doors a choicest product. These Main Doors are manufactured by a special method of extrusion with the help of untreated saw mill residues from saw mills and jute sticks on an eco-friendly basis. 3D Designer Doors that are termite, borer and water resistant. UV resistance, water proof, anti-corrosion, fire resistance, borer proof, easy to work, easy to use, light weight, new design, long life etc, its can be applicable in bathroom door, toilet door, office door, partition door and room door etc.

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2D Doors

 2D Door made from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic.  WPC Door is a new green material that can be recycled. It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity and has a high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance.100 % Termite and Borer Proof, Moisture Proof, Fire retardant and most importantly a Eco-Friendly product.Doors ensure superb quality, down and through the production line.

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